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New Construction
CRDB is involved in the construction of new homes in several ways.  We have worked from design conception through completed construction in a stand-alone manner; in other instances, we have worked from the designs of others anywhere from a conceptual idea to a full set of plans.  We have also collaborated with other builders to execute plans.

Renovation and Restoration
While many designers strive to make an individual statement with their work, our aim is to make our work look as timeless as possible, to blend so well with the original structure it is difficult to tell the difference between the existing and the new work. Being students of the various design styles and by staying abreast of innovations in the building trades, the trademark of the Company is the combination of current technology with traditional design elements.

Flexibility in Working with Architects and Interior Designers
CRDB often executes the designs of others. Our design/build experience is of particular benefit in the collaborative process with Architects and Interior Designers and even collaboration with other builders when that opportunity arises. The combination of flexibility in design responsibilities with the actual construction process makes what we do unique.

Much of our work is done in occupied homes and our sensitivity to the needs of the occupants remains paramount throughout the process. Our site staff is comprised primarily of long term employees with CRDB and we pride ourselves on our ability to work “in close” in as non disruptive way as possible to the daily routine of the dwelling.

Meeting Project Needs
We have assembled a network of subcontractors and suppliers with a record of providing the finest products and services available (often one of a kind items). This close, ongoing relationship between our subcontractors and site staff, as well as our extensive network of local artisans, allows for – we believe – an unmatched ability to address individual project needs.


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